Desk Gear, superior products, how you want them, when you want them!

It’s our mission to provide products which maximise performance and minimise delays in delivery and installation times.

We supply superior client specified office equipment for power & data distribution, cable management and ergonomics. Our products - chosen for their reliability (electronics 100% PAT tested) & short turnarounds - are used by numerous major corporations and small enterprises.

The speed in which products can be delivered and installed is one of our main strengths, specialising in cable management solutions we’ve found that the right products can drastically reduce supply and fit out. Quality, Flexibility and adaptability are fundamental elements in the way we do business and how we select our products. We believe there’s a solution to every problem, whether it’s advice or a design offering you require we’re always more than happy to assist.

Tailoring products to suit your needs

Our design team have a comprehensive skill set and extensive knowledge base, which is put to good use when working on the diverse range of enquiries we receive. With the ability to work on all design aspects, from the conception of concepts through to manufacture, and a detailed understanding of appropriate production methods, for materials such as metal, plastics and timber, we're capable of tackling projects both large and small.